Resale is often a concern of homeowners who are investing in window coverings.  I hear this statement often:  “I want to choose the right window coverings in case we sell in a few years.”  So what’s the “right window covering”?  It depends on your point of view.  It seems that in most low- to mid-range homes, realtors advise their clients to keep it neutral:  white walls, white or light wood-toned real or faux woods or else light neutral cellular/honeycomb shades.  This is probably good advice – after all, it’s basically the standard in the industry and won’t create any kind of controversy. 

That having been said, I have another theory based upon personal experience. When I’ve visited many, many model homes in the area for the Buchan builders, Murray-Franklin, Bennett, Burnstead – they all have one thing in common: beautiful model homes that are professionally decorated.  Why do they invest in all of the furniture, professional design and custom window treatments for a model home that no one lives in?  Because when you walk through and see one of their homes beautifully decorated, you’ll want to live there.  You’ll Oooo and Ahhh over the furnishings and paint color as much as the upgrades they’ve slathered on.  Take a look around.  I can guarantee you these builders aren’t putting standard wood or cellular blinds in their model homes – too plain.  They want to WOW you.  They want you to see the possibilities for how beautiful you can make one of their homes with your own touch.  So they’ll use custom fabrics you would never think to use in bold colors & patterns, custom window coverings such as woven woods with textural grasses & bamboos, roman shades & fancy trims.  And the overall effect will be stunning.

​My belief is that the same holds true for your home.  Sure, white wood blinds and honeycomb shades have their place, but so do grasses and fabrics.  Done right, they can take a very basic house and make it absolutely magnificent– a house anyone would love to own.  I know this because I recently sold my Centex home in a neighborhood where every third house was the same and many were for sale.  I had a bedroom that was bright coral with custom drapes and tropical Robert Allen prints on the roman shades, drapes & cornices in the living areas that were beautiful, but unique to my taste.  And guess what?  My buyers (and all realtors that visited) LOVED the house. 

​Here’s my word of caution, however.  Get professional help with the window treatments and a color consultation.  You won’t pay more for having the expertise and you may avoid costly mistakes.  Very likely you’ll be presented with options you never dreamt of before.  And should you sell; your buyer will appreciate your investment.