This might not seem wise unless the window has no muntins.  However, even then, if sheers are used, this is feasible.  There will be an uneven look on the outside unless there are sheers, but the inside will be vastly improved.

A window that has been crowded into a corner can be visually moved by starting the treatment exactly at the edge of the window nearest the corner and extending out on the other side to expose as much glass as possible. 

Problem Windows

The Narrow Window:  It’s easy to make a window look wider.  Simply extending the drapery treatment to the sides will make the window appear wider and the proportions better.  If this is not possible, then using horizontal stripes on the fabric or perhaps a trim used horizontally just below the pleats will lead the eye from side to side.  Rows can be repeated. 

The Overly Tall Window:  A very tall window can be treated with tie-backs and a half curtain to give a horizontal division.  It can also be treated with a cornice or avalance set down to the top of the window frame and allowed to come lower than normal over the window.  Tiers of curtains or café curtains combined withshutters hung café style will also visually lower the too tall window.  Use any possible horizontal line such as rows of trim or decorative rods.  If draperies are extended on the sides of the window, its proportions change and it looks less tall. 

The Dormer Window:  These windows often have the same problem as a small window.  Since they are confined, some of the usual solutions to problem windows are not available. 

It is best to use the simplest possible treatment and to match the drapery and wall color.  If these are the only windows in the room, you must be sure to allow for maximum light and ventilation.  Dramatize these windows only if the room is large enough to take such a treatment (such as in a large bonus room) and if there are other sources of light. 

Because a dormer window is recessed in an alcove and has a wall on each side of it, there is little room for treatments such as draperies that stack when they’re open.  One solution is to hang panels from swivel rods.  Another is to install your hardware outside the alcove and choose a window treatment – a valance and two side panels, for example – to frame the whole area.

The Corner Window:   The corner window is not usually considered a problem window, but certain things must be considered in treating it.  You may want to treat it as a unit, but bear in mind that light will come into the two sides differently especially as the sun moves during the day.  One side may have a pleasant view and the other may overlook an eyesore.  Thus it is a good idea to control the two sides independently.  Two panels or two pairs may be used, and if there is wall space in the corner, you may want to combine either with a stationary panel in the corner. Decorative rods can be used on corner windows by splicing at the corner. 

The Off-Center Window: