fiber-fill.  Fiber fill are the cheap inserts that after they’ve been sat on or against a few times will lose their shape and flatten – yuck!  And don’t even think about washing them – unless you want your pillow to look like a sack of marbles. Spend just a few dollars more and go for the down pillow!


Ah, the joy we derive from such a simple little thing as a pillow!  We fluff, tuck, squish and punch them and yet they never hold a grudge….

Pillows are the sprinkles on your cupcake (if your couch or bed were a cupcake, that is).  They come in all shapes:  round, square, rectangular, star, bolster, you name it.  Pillows are a wonderful way to add a punch of color to your décor or change the look of your couch or bed completely with the seasons.  Pillows can be trimmed it so many ways I get giddy just thinking about it – try tassels, bullion, fringe, shells, wood or glass beads, ribbon, welt, gimp, ruffles & lace – the list goes on. Your pillows may be very simple (the workroom term is knife-edge – no trim) or very ornate showpieces – and the price will vary accordingly. Beautifully trimmed pillows are an investment, so it’s understandable that you don’t want your kids throwing them at each other in a pillow fight. 

I always use down inserts (unless my client is allergic) in my pillows.  This way I can be assured that my pillows will always “rise to the occasion” – I hate a pillowthat looks like an elephant has been sitting on it for days, especially after the investment of custom fabrication.  A down pillow insert can be reused if you choose to have a fall/winter set and a spring/summer set.  Simply remove the cover (we always use zippers), store the covers in a clean spot and slip on the alternate covers for the next season.  Good down pillows will last for many, many years and can be cleaned.​So how do you test to see if your pillow is down?  Give it Holly’s punch test! Punch the pillow in the center.  If it is down, it will regain its shape slowly and fully.  If it pops back immediately, it’s probably