High Windows

High windows are one of the more challenging areas in your home.  When considering whether or not to cover high windows, consider the following:

· Does the window pose a privacy problem?  A window above your front door may not seem to be looking into an area of the home that must haveprivacy.  However, if your neighbors across the street can see from their upstairs through that window and into your upstairs hallway and the master bedroom doors beyond, then you have a privacy issue.

​ · Does the window let in heat?  High windows that face south or west will likely heat up your home in the warmer months – especially in stairwells and upper loft areas.

· Would leaving the window uncovered cause unnecessary fading to flooring, furniture or artwork?

· Can you reach the controls?  Sometimes by putting the cord on a particular side of the window a high window covering can be controlled by leaning over a banister or half-wall.  Often in a stairwell on a very tall window, standard controls will be out of reach.  If you can reach the bottom of the window however, cords can be ordered with a custom length to reach the bottom of the window or a few inches beyond.

· Are the controls completely out of reach on your high window?  In that case, consider either a stationary product – such as a shutter or wood blind with the louvers fixed in one position or add a motorization option.  Wood blinds, cellular/honeycomb shades, roller & solar shades, Silhouettes & roman shades all come available with battery & hard-wired motorization. Extra long-life batteries will eliminate the need to get on a ladder often to change batteries.

​ · Expect to pay more to install motorized shades and also for high windows(most installers double the charge on each window that is over 10’ above the floor).  It may be necessary to have an extra set of hands for high window installation.