Holly Jacobs Designs


There are many good reasons to use a custom fabric-covered headboard in your bedroom.  Typically they take up less room, which makes them ideal for small bedrooms.  The headboard can be made to attach to your bed frame however; a wall mount is often preferred for the most stability.  Custom headboards are also much more comfortable to lean against that traditional wood frame beds, making reading or watching TV in bed a comfy prospect.  Another benefit to a fabric headboard is the soft look.  I prefer bedrooms that don’t overly match, with every piece in the room a replica of the next (i.e. matching headboard, nightstands, dresser, and highboy – boring!) Installing a fabric headboard will break up the monotony and add flavor to your room by introducing a new fabric.  My recommendation is that you use fabrics that work well for upholstery such as chenille, microfiber suede or velvet for the ultimate luxury.  Chenille & microfiber are great choices because they clean up so easily should your fabric get a spot on it.  All three fabrics are soft and touchable. 

​Have some fun with your headboard!  Of course you can have it crafted in traditional shapes – rounded, rectangular.  But for very little extra cost we can create all types of custom shapes – along the same lines as cornices.  Styles include symmetrical patterns and extra-tall, nail-head and tufted; let your imagination take you away…