Drapery Hardware

Drapery hardware is to custom drapery what jewelry is to clothes – with the exception that it isn’t just decorative, it’s functional as well.  Of course, I’m referring to decorative drapery hardware.  Basic drapery hardware includes metal traverse rods which are best used under decorative top treatments likevalances & cornices and plain metal rods for hanging stationary panels or rod-pocket valances.  There is a functional rod for every type of window treatment.

When it comes to decorative drapery hardware, we move way past function only and form gets much more creative.  One of the major difference you’ll notice with custom drapery hardware is how much more substantial it is than store-bought rods with the cheap little clips on the rings. Rightly so, since custom madedrapes will typically be much heavier than the lightweight panels you find on your store shelf.    Custom drapery poles are sometimes telescoping (for lighter-weight treatments) but most of the time are ordered to exact specifications for a perfect fit.  Your drapery specialist will make certain that the right combination of rings, poles, supporting brackets and finials comprise a rod that is performing it’s function and sturdy - but also beautiful in form. 

​Styles of metal drapery hardware rods run the gamut from black iron medieval styles to shiny chrome contemporary designs.  Metal drapery hardware is a favorite for its versatility and function ability.  Metal hardware comes in dozens of finishes – solid black to aged silvers & golds and old world patinas. By adjusting the rings and brackets metal rods can be used for traversing drapery as well as stationary, but keep in mind that it won’t glide as easily as drapes on a traverse rod, it’s more of a manual effort.

Wood rods are still a popular choice for more traditional style drapery treatments.  Pole sizes start at 1 3/8” and go up to 2.5” to 3” diameters – 2” is the most common.  We usually use the larger rods when the treatment is up higher on the window or we really need a more heavy-duty rod.  Finials for wood rods are usually made of resin, finished to match the rod.  They come in all kinds of styles such as traditional pineapples or more contemporary designs. Several manufacturers offer traverse rods that are hidden behind a wood pole fascia, resulting in the decorative look of a wood pole but with the ease in function of a traverse rod. 

​Track drapery hardware is ideal for drapery treatments where the whole wall is covered in drapes – they glide beautifully and can be ceiling mounted, resulting in excellent coverage for room-darkening fabrics.  The track is so minimal that this type of drapery hardware is barely noticeable.  A hidden rod behind the leading edge of the fabric will create ease of traversing on a track and prevent the mistake of grabbing the fabric to move the drapery.

​We carry numerous lines of drapery hardware for all varieties of décor and function – schedule a consultation to see what delightful choices we can offer to you.