When it comes to window coverings, drapery, shutters - you name it, their absolute best feature is the ability to customize the results.  Yes, you can go to any home improvement store and purchase a blind or curtains off the shelf and yes, they will cover the window.  But schedule an appointment for an in-home consultation with a window coverings expert and a whole new world of opportunity awaits you.  For customers who are not looking to simply just cover the windows and who are savvy enough to rely on the expertise of one who can cover all of the options, they will be rewarded with window coverings that not only fit like a glove, but also have that little extra something that makes them so much nicer, more interesting, functional and beautiful than the standard fare their neighbors have. 

Here are a few of the options available for customizing your window coverings:

​Drapery:  The king of window coverings to be customized.  Your choices include adding additional interlining for extra insulation, trims to be used on either the leading edge, top, bottom or anywhere in-between, a variety of pleat styles, length options, thousands of fabrics….the list is endless.  There is nothing that surpasses beautifully designed custom drapery.

​Woven woods, bamboos & grasses:  Wovens are a huge bang for your buck – you get tons of style and texture for your dollar and they mix beautifully with fabrics. Options include fabric banding on the edges, custom shapes (angle windows, etc.), custom valances (choose from bamboo, grasses or wood), various cord controls, tassel options, flat or hobbled styles.  There is even an option to run the material vertically to create a bamboo drape.  All of these options result in hundreds of combinations.

Wood or faux wood blinds:  They seem pretty basic, but there are many ways to customize.  Choose from regular or privacy routing, several different types of valances (depending on whether you want a traditional or contemporary look), all colors/patterns of cloth tapes, odd shapes, beading on the edge and various cord controls.

​Cellular/Honeycomb shades:  These are probably the most basic in design that we offer, however, they can be customized with cord control options (including the very popular top-down, bottom-up) or motorization and a large variety of different fabrics, opacities and insulation factors. 

Metal blinds:  You may think of standard 1” mini blinds, but did you know that metals also come in ½” macro and 2” wide?  The 2” style is often referred to as venetian blinds.  Metals, like woods can have cloth tapes and privacy routing. One manufacturer even offers an award-winning metal blind that when the slats are opened creates a 4” view-through to see out!  Metals come in dozens of colors – including metallic – and various valance options as well as cord controls.

Roman Shades:  Not only do window coverings manufacturers offer roman shades that can be fabricated in about a week, they also offer dozens of fabrics (including room darkening liners) and styles (flat or hobbled) and the ability to either stack at the top of the window or roll into a cassette.  Additional options include scalloped valances (or various other shapes) shaped bottom hems and beads, tassel trim or beaded trim. 

​Shutters:  The options are nearly endless with shutters:  various sizes of louvers from 1”- 4.5” wide, painted or stained finishes, many different shapes including arches, octagons and slanted, hidden tilt bars, various configurations for opening, by-pass, door handle cut-outs … the list goes on. 

​This list of options is by no means complete.  The best way to learn all of the customization options that are available to you is by scheduling an in-home consultation and letting your window coverings expert know that you want them to make suggestions for options that you might like, taking into consideration your home’s décor and your particular needs.