Bench Seat Cushions

Built-ins are a wonderful use of space.  They provide seating, storage or just a nice place to sit and take a moment to gaze out the window and practice the art of doing nothing for a few minutes.  So if you’re lucky enough to have one of these versatile little spots in your home, you realize that your little seat is not so inviting when it’s merely a hard, flat surface. 

Adding a bench seat cushion to your window seat or breakfast nook makes your bench instantly more comfortable – and practical too.  Bench seat cushions can easily be set aside to access storage underneath.  Our workroom uses high quality, dense foam that will retain its shape for years.  The initial investment for yourbench seat cushion is basically what you might expect to pay for a small chair because of the cost of the foam insert (foam is a petroleum product so prices will vary – get a quote).  Once you’ve invested in the foam though you can easily have the bench seat cushion cover remade to change with your home’s décor.

As a rule we make our bench seat cushions box-style, with cord or welt trim around the edges.  It will have a zipper in the back for removal for cleaning or replacement.  Bench seat cushions can be made in a variety of fabrics and lend themselves well to even large patterns.  If a large pattern is used on your bench seat cushion, a quality workroom will pay special attention that the pattern matches up at the seams, especially on the front of the cushion.  Fabrics that lend themselves well to higher traffic on your bench seat cushion (such as a breakfast nook) would include faux suedes (microfiber- wonderfully easy to clean with a damp cloth, comes in dozens of colors), vinyls (if you’re going for a retro look) or chenilles. 

For bench seat cushions that are less often used (such as in a hallway or master bedroom), use fancy decorative pillows to make your bench a stylish focal point. Nothing says luxury and glam like beautifully crafted pillows packed with trim. Bench seat cushions in a child’s room are a wonderful place to curl up with a book – a special place with a perfect fit.  These bench seat cushions should mostly have more practical pillows since they’ll be sat on, squished and probably thrown around the room.